How do I cash out my solar income?

This article covers how you cash out your earnings.

You will first need to add a cash out account. Check out this article if you haven't already added an account. Scheduling a cash out issues a once-off instruction to withdraw a specified amount of your solar income on one of our cash out schedules. You need to repeat the following process each time you want to cash out your earnings.

  1. Once you've added a Bitcoin address or South African bank account simply navigate to your dashboard and then click/tap on the "Cash Out" tab found next to "My Wallets".
  2. Click/tap on "Schedule a cash out".

  3. Select the cash out currency, amount, account and schedule then click/tap "Schedule a cash out".

  4. Confirm your cash out request and be sure to note the transaction fee before accepting.

Note: "Weekly, on Wednesday" withdrawal requests received by 00:00 UTC every Wednesday will be processed that day. 


If you need any help scheduling a cash out or if you have any questions about payments please reach out to us.