What happens if an energy user can't pay?

What happens if an energy user can't pay for the power they've consumed.

Sun Exchange performs thorough financial due diligence on all organisations that go solar through the platform. We wouldn't host a solar cell crowdsale for an organisation that we believed wouldn't be able to fulfil their lease payment obligations.

Even so, sometimes things can go wrong and an energy user may fall behind in their payments or be unable to pay at all due to some unforeseen circumstance. Once a solar plant is operating, Sun Exchange invoices the energy user concerned. At the end of the month in which the invoice was issued, Sun Exchange distributes the rental received (less service fees) to the members who own the projects, according to the number of cells each member owns.

Sun Exchange distributes solar cell rental income on the last working day of each month, after we receive payment from the energy user. Should an energy user fall behind on their payments, rental will be accrued until the energy user restores their account with us, thereafter the accrued rental will be paid out to cell owners.

Every effort is made by Sun Exchange to collect on overdue accounts as part of our normal business practice, and to communicate with solar cell owners timeously and transparently on payments that are delayed.

In an extreme case of non-payment the solar system may be moved to another energy user and a new lease would be signed. If this was to occur, your lease would be paused until the system was relocated and would resume once the system is re-energised.

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us.