Is Sun Exchange legit?

Information on the legitimacy of Sun Exchange.

Sun Exchange started out in 2015 having successfully raised funds from an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign. Our first solar cell crowdsale, launched in 2016, was for the Stellenbosch Waldorf School. This project has gone on to generate 123,595.31 kWh of solar power and reduced 127,303.17 kg CO2 (at the time of writing October 2022). Sun Exchange has successfully raised funds multiple times, and continues to grow its global community. By being part of Sun Exchange, you’re earning from sunshine, whilst making an impact. 

Every project goes through a rigorous process of financial, legal and engineering due diligence prior to being launched on the Sun Exchange platform. Once a project is loaded onto the platform, the details of the energy user are available so that individuals can perform their own due diligence on them. A general due diligence report for each new project is available on request. The report contains official details of the energy user, such as registration info, tax compliance certificates and energy bills. Details of all previously funded projects can also be found in the “Completed” section of our projects page, and new members are encouraged to do their own research into these projects.

If you have any concerns or questions our diligent Customer Team is always ready to help. Please reach out to us. You can also arrange a video call if you would prefer to have a live conversation.