If I donate a portion of my rental income to a project's nominated charity can I get a tax certificate?

Info on tax certificates for charity donations

As part of the Sun Exchange offering it is possible to donate a portion of your monthly rental income to the project's nominated charity. This feature is an impactful addition as it allows you, the cell owner, to provide support to the nominated charity through your solar cell purchase.

Typically the amounts donated by individuals through this feature on a monthly basis are fairly small and so it is not feasible to issue individual tax certificates. Whilst we don't issue tax certificates to the individual, Sun Exchange doesn't benefit financially from these donations. The donations are credited to the charity's Sun Exchange account where they can be withdrawn as required.

Another form of donation through Sun Exchange, open to individuals and businesses, is to donate the full, or a partial, amount to purchase a solar system for a specific school, business or NPO. In this case tax certificates can be arranged. If you would like to explore this option please reach out to us on hello@thesunexchange.com.