How long will the installation of my solar cells take?

Information on the installation process of your solar cells.

Now that the crowdsale of solar cells for your chosen project has completed, you may be wondering how long the installation will take and when you will start earning with purpose. In most cases, depending on the size of the system, installations take 6 to 8 weeks from the end of the crowdsale.

When a crowdsale reaches 40% sold we issue the Notice to Proceed (NTP) letter to the installation partner who will be constructing the solar plant. This kicks off the procurement process for all the required equipment, including your solar cells.

Once the crowdsale is complete we then hold the Kick-off Meeting (see glossary of solar terms) as soon as practically possible. The installation normally commences within a week of the Kick-off Meeting. We target the installation of 50 kW per week. Often the installation will proceed a little faster than this, however if there are periods of bad weather that can delay the installation. Very rarely there can be material delays if a particular item is in short supply.

Once the solar plant has been energised (early energy), the final inspection is conducted and any snags are identified. As soon as the installation partner has resolved all noted snags the system officially reaches Commercial Operation (COD). All electricity that is generated during early energy is considered a bonus as your 20-year lease only starts at COD.