How do I download an activity statement?

How to download your account activity statement

  1. Login to your Sun Exchange Dashboard
  2. Click on "View Activity Statement" in the "My Wallets" section

  3. Select the date range to query and click "View Statement". If you require data prior to 1 January 2023, please use the link below the button shown in the previous step.

  4. Enter the code from your Authenticator app, or the OTP that was emailed to you, and click "Verify".

  5. Your Activity Statement will open in a new tab. Please ensure that you allow pop-ups on our site, otherwise you won't be able to view your statement.
  6. There is a "Download PDF" link on the right hand side of the Activity Statement that opened in a new tab. CSV downloads are not currently available, but will be in the near future. The text on the current version is selectable, and so can be easily pasted into a spreadsheet.