How do I check the performance of my solar cells?

Info about where to check the performance of your solar cells.

You've purchased your solar cells, they've been installed and now you're earning with purpose, but how can you check up on how your cells are performing? Your first port-of-call is your dashboard. Here you can view the total energy generated by your solar cells versus what we forecast. A green arrow pointing up ↑ indicates that your cells are performing above what was forecast. A red arrow pointing down ↓ indicates that your cells are performing below what was forecast. An annual variation of 20%, against the forecast in either direction, is within tolerance.  

The dataset includes, actual vs forecast energy generation, cost of cells, earnings to date, charity donation percentage (rental distribution), the date your cells started operating and the total carbon emissions averted to date by your cells.

The energy generation data, including earnings to date and the carbon aversion, is updated on a monthly basis.


Information about your solar cells, grouped by project, can be found on your dashboard. The area highlighted above shows the actual vs forecast energy generation up to the end of the previous month.


You will also receive a detailed annual report about the performance of your solar cells. This report will note any major issues that the system suffered, as well as what was done to put it right. You will also be shown information about how much money you have saved the organisations you solar power.

Access to live monitoring portals for the projects that you own cells in is available on request. We are working towards displaying this data directly on your dashboard, however with the variety of inverter manufactures and lack of stable APIs this has proved challenging. We have found a partner that can bring all this data into one place, in the same format, and make it available to display on your dashboard. This major update is still a little way away, so if you are interested in seeing live performance data of the system you own cells in, please reach out to us to gain access.