Feature releases - last updated 30 May 2023

This article is intended to keep you updated on the release of new features on the Sun Exchange platform.

Update 30 May 2023

It took a little longer than we had hoped but we are now ready to deploy the first lot of reporting updates. There's been a slight change of plan from what was described in the last update. Here is the new plan:

  • You will receive one last Earnings Statement from the old system at the end of May.
  • Early next week you will receive your first Solar Generation Report. Your Solar Generation report will show you how many kWhs your solar cells generated in the previous month and how much you will be paid.
  • Your new Activity Statement will be available immediately after receiving your first Solar Generation Report.
  • As soon as we’ve received funds from the energy user, and they’ve been paid into your wallet in your chosen lease currency, we’ll send you your new Solar Payments report. This report will show Bitcoin exchange rates (if you earn in BTC), final amounts for your lease payments, as well as listing any outstanding payments you’re owed.

Update 3 May 2023

Due to the recent change to our rental distribution process we are busy upgrading our reporting features so that you have a clear view of what your solar cells have generated, what you have been paid and what payments are still outstanding. These upgrades represent some fundamental changes to our back-end systems and our core business processes. As such we have decided to stagger the release of the new reports so that we can effectively deal with any issues that may arise before releasing the next feature. As each new feature or change is released we will update this article with screenshots (if relevant) and detailed explanations of the feature or change.

Below is a list of the planned features and changes with rough timelines for release.

Upcoming features and changes (May):

  • New Activity Statement (example below) will be released in May, and will show your:
    • Wallet transactions (ZAR/BTC) for the selected date range
    • All outstanding rental distributions
    • All solar asset holdings

Above: An initial version of the new activity statement and the information you can expect to see on it.

  • Solar Payments Report:
    • In May, once the new Activity Statement is released, you will start receiving a Solar Payments Report, via email, along with your rental distribution. Going forward distributions will be made on a weekly basis as funds are received from energy users.

Future features:

  • Solar Generation report
    • Once the new Activity Statement and Solar Payments report have been released, the next report you will start receiving will be the Solar Generation report. This report will be sent via email at the beginning of each month and will show the generation amounts for the previous month.
  • Charity Donations report
    • For those cell owners who donate a portion of their rental income to the nominated charity, a new report will be downloadable from the dashboard.
  • Dashboard changes
    • Integrating the above features into the dashboard.
    • Energy generation data.