Can I sell my solar cells?

Is it possible to sell my solar cells after buying them?

The solar cell product isn't really designed to be re-sold or traded as they are not securities. They are on a 20-year solar cell lease for long-term, effortless income. Think of it like buying solar panels for your house. It is a long term commitment, and you can't exactly go back to your installer a year or so later and ask them to buy back a few of your panels! 

Having said that, it is still possible to sell your cells, however you would need to find a buyer, negotiate the sale, take payment and then instruct us to transfer the cells to the buyer's Sun Exchange account. 

A secondary marketplace for solar cells may be something that we launch in the future, but this is not guaranteed. You should only purchase solar cells with a long-term view, and not expect to be able to sell them. 

NOTE: It is important not to spend funds that you may need back in the short-term. Please purchase solar cells responsibly!